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I'm Emma, a mama of two princesses and wife of an 8-time Ironman (and counting). I am an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer and Group Ex Instructor, a Nutrition Specialist and a Holistic Health Coach student at IIN. My husband will tell you I don't clean the house well, but I will clean the heck out of your lifestyle!

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How We Are Cutting Back on Sugar

My Healthy Gutters know all about the dangers of sugar.  But, it is SO HARD to cut back on it considering it sneaks its way into just about everything.  So, I thought I'd share some ways to still get the sweet fix but limit the disease feeding substance. Breakfast Coffee:  Try adding unsweetened cashew milk instead of regular (or some other UNsweetened alternative).   Try a few drops of pure vanilla extract or organic stevia drops paired with cinnamon and nutmeg.   Ditch the cereal.  Unless you grab Love Grown Foods O's, it's probably laced with sugar.  Ok, that's not the only brand, but I just love it so much.  …
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The Healthiest Babies and Toddlers (and Kids)

It's not easy feeding babies... or toddlers... or kids... or teenagers. Just trying to get them to stop long enough to put something edible in their mouths is hard enough, who has time to think how healthy it is?  My girls are no exception.  However, due to their upbringing (both c-sections and both eventually on formula), I've had to work hard to repair their gut flora.  The first years of their lives can actually determine how their balance of gut bacteria can be for life.  And you know how much gut bacteria can affect just about everything if you've been following this blog... autoimmune diseases weight issues ADD/ADHD skin issues…
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The Richmond FULL Marathon

A few posts ago I mentioned I pulled the trigger on a full marathon.  This was in part due to the fact that I was asked to be a blogger for the Richmond Marathon this November.  I'm honored to be sharing my journey to 26.2 along with Courtney!  And, if you are even thinking about signing up, do so today!  Prices go up July 1st! For now, I am just trying to build up my base.  I only run 3 times a week and am actually going to keep that up throughout this training process.  Right now, I am maxing out at 9 miles for my long Saturday runs... yes,…
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The Fresh Fix: A 5-Day Plan

 As you already know, I have one final group going towards Gut Health starting July 6th. But, did you also know I'm pairing up with two other Institute for Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coaches Laura and Sarah to do a monthly reset? This will happen the 2nd week of EACH month, so you're always only a few weeks away from "fixing" things!  We called it The Fresh Fix because we are giving you seasonal recipes so that you are eating food at its peak nutritional and tasting capacity.  The bonus, every new season is a new set of recipes. Here's how it works: 1.  You will receive easy breakfast, lunch, dinner and…
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