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I'm Emma, a mama of two princesses and wife of an 8-time Ironman (and counting). I am an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer and Group Ex Instructor, a Nutrition Specialist and a Holistic Health Coach student at IIN. My husband will tell you I don't clean the house well, but I will clean the heck out of your lifestyle!

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Toxins Elsewhere

I focus this blog a lot on toxins in food. Last night I gave a presentation at Pulse Barre Studio about back to school health and focused on other toxins that could be affecting your child's learning abilities. Can you spot a few that you're child is consuming, ingesting or experiencing? Well, just take a look underneath your sink And you thought healthy eating was the only contributing factor! Check out this sample from a child living in a Pinesol obsessed mother's home.  The first sample is when mom was using Pinesol.  The middle is when it was taken away from being used for an extended period of time.  The…
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Race Entry Giveaway

I have been meaning to post this FOREVER, but life hasn't been making it so easy to cross things off my to-do list lately!  I have been helping coach a kids' training team for a local race in my neighborhood called The ReeseStrong 5K.  This is my favorite race all year long.  I literally walk out my front door, go half a mile and there is the start. Can you believe this was last year?  Gentry came in LAST PLACE.  But you know what, she ran and she ran the whole time!  This year we are hoping to get Sutton out there (so maybe G will be 2nd to last…
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Hydration Points for Your Training!

Still training for a marathon over here.  The Richmond Marathon to be exact.  Have you signed up yet? And what I've noticed are two things 1) Barre + Runs are killing my body.  I love teaching and won't stop, especially now that we have the torture device at my gym. Clearly this girl knows what's coming for her based on her facial expression. But, because of this device, I've had to reschedule runs or cut them short or make them slower.  I very much like to hit my distance goals for the week, but I'm (beginning) to realize that building up those glutes is going to be much more effective…
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School Lunches. Stop the Madness

Yes it is that time of the year.  Days are getting shorter, along with most moms' patience.  It happens to the best of us.  But, as the summer winds down, don't let your motivation to keep feeding those littlest ones healthy.  I can't emphasize enough how important it is to instill healthy eating habits right off the bat. I found this picture on this article.  It shows how the UK and US measure up to the rest of the world when it comes to feeding kids at school.  Check out every other plate... fresh foods.  Check out our plate... Processed popcorn chicken, buttered mashed potatoes, sugar and chemical-laden fruit cups…
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