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I'm Emma, a mama of two princesses and wife of an 8-time Ironman (and counting). I am an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer and Group Ex Instructor, a Nutrition Specialist and a Holistic Health Coach student at IIN. My husband will tell you I don't clean the house well, but I will clean the heck out of your lifestyle!

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This used to be the Most Awful Time of the Year (song to the Christmas version to truly appreciate it).  I was a 2nd grade teacher in my former life, and whether I liked it or not, August meant going back to work!   Now that I'm on the other end, I'm singing the Christmas version of that tune!  Preschool is merely weeks away!  But, that also means that majority of parents, exhausted after 3 months with full fledged kids, now need to start planning ahead.  Planning for soccer practice, homework, coordinating dance lessons with piano... and FOOD!  What will you send with your little tykes to school that 1)…
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Training update

Week Two of training for the Richmond Marathon has passed.  Here is an update on what these legs did last week. Monday- Treadmill sprints 1 mile warm-up, 5 miles of .2 at 5:40 pace and .2 at 8:00 pace, 2 miles cool down Tuesday - Barre   This is the pose that I have loved to hate.  Pretzel Glute work like no other.  Looking to improve your pace?  Start here! Wednesday- Tempo Run 8 miles and I was just trying to run for my life for about 5 of them. Thursday- Barre and HIIT I usually just grab my phone and use the tabata timer for mindless work.  One strength…
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Try It Tuesday

Wanted to add some quick tip videos to my Youtube Channel and so that you don't have to sit and read an entire blog posts every few days.  Hence, Try It Tuesday.  Each Tuesday, you'll receive a quick video on something health or fitness related to try out. Kicking off this first Tuesday with Gelatin... I purchase my Gelatin from Amazon.  Or you can purchase straight from Great Lakes website.  I am sure there are other quality sources, but I find this the easiest to purchase for my family!  Remember, quality bones make for more quality gelatin. Uses: In oatmeal  In tea or coffee Mixed in yogurt Mixed in smoothies…
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Perfect Your “Detox”

The second week of each month, I host a 5-day reset opportunity for you called The Fresh Fix.  Read all the details on that link!  I wanted to recap what happened last month and teach you how to truly "detox" in case you want to join us in August! I am not a fan of replacing meals with drinks.  The juice cleanses of the world are just not effective.  Yes, they'll jump start something, but they aren't sustainable.  That's what I want to teach my clients... sustainability. Detoxes really have no scientific background supporting them.  What "toxins" are you truly pushing out?  The fastest way to feel better is to…
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